Along with another freelance designer, I was hired to do the UX and design on a website for the NY based start-up, Real Advisr. Mentor Creative Group was engaged to rework preliminary UX and research from another firm and redesign and rebuild the site. 

The idea behind Real Advisr is to disrupt the current commercial real estate broker model by creating an online "match-making" service for brokers and clients. This would eliminate cold-calling and other expensive marketing costs for brokerage firms and also eliminate the exorbitant closing fees for clients. Win-win. The site would accomplish this with criteria matching and yelp-style ratings for brokers/advisors. The site has both a client portal and broker/advisor portal, allowing brokers to create professional profiles and clients to anonymously correspond with the broker/experts until they are ready to engage.

For this project we created revised journey mapping based around 3 personas with multiple use cases. Based on our learnings we created the a site map, basic wireframes, a mood board, a brand style guide, a developer ready web design style guide and a new word mark logo because of a mid project name change. We accomplished all of this in less than 6 weeks. The result is a clean, clear user experience and design. The client was very happy with the results.


My role: UX and Lead Visual Design
Agency: Mentor Creative Group
Client: Real Advisr

Site Map
Mood Board
Brand Style Guide
Web Design Style Guide

Wordmark Logo