Above are design explorations for Hulu's "Living Room" product. These screens address grid layout and typography and iconography.

While at Hulu, I led the team in selecting a new legible typeface that would work across all of the form factors: TV, Desktop, Tablet and Mobile. At the time, Hulu's brand typeface was Futura, which has a very short x height and inconsistent letter spacing making it very difficult to read on screen. After conducting an extensive survey that included such typefaces as Gotham, Din, Helvetica, Benton Sans, Proxima Nova and Graphic we ultimately chose Din.

However, because Din was cost prohibitive to use across all form factors, I found a similar and less costly typeface called Flama that has proven to be an excellent stand in. That is the typeface still in use at Hulu today. 

My role: UX and Visual Design
Company: Hulu
Client: Hulu